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Remelt Sources produces top quality alloy for the aerospace, biomedical, industrial gas turbine/ power generation, military and petrochemical industries. Material can be made to your specifications or any of the published industrial specs. We stock some of our customer’s most frequently required alloys at our Darlington, South Carolina facility for fast delivery. Call 1-800-877-8415 or +1 270-684-6067 today for a quote.

Nickel and Nickel Base Alloys
GradeUNS GradeIndustrial Specification(s)
Ni 200N02200ASTM B160/B564
Ni 201N02201ASTM B160/B564
Alloy 400N04400ASTM B164/B564, QQ-N-281D AM 2, Class A
Alloy 600N06600ASTM B166/B564
Alloy 601N06601ASTM B166
Alloy 625N06625AMS 5666 (Latest) - ASME SA446 Gr. 1 and SB564
Alloy 690N06690ASTM B166/B564
Alloy 800N08800ASTM B408/B564
Alloy 800HN08810ASTM B408/B564
Alloy 800HTN08811ASTM B408/B564
Alloy 825N08825ASTM B425/B564
Alloy 20N08020ASTM B462/B472/B473
Alloy 22N06022ASTM B462/B564/B574
Alloy 276N10276ASTM B462/B564/B574
Alloy 330N08330ASTM B511/B512, AMS 5716
N155 / MultimetR30155ASTM B639
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (COE) Alloys
GradeUNS GradeIndustrial Specification(s)
Alloy 36K93600/03ASTM F1684, Boeing D33028-2
Alloy 42K94100ASTM F30, Boeing D33028-2
32-5 NiCoK93500Super Invar
KovarK94610ASTM F15, AMS 7727/7728
Stainless and Heat Resistant Alloys
GradeUNS GradeIndustrial Specifications(s)
303SS30300AMS 5640 (T1), ASTM A194/A314/A473/A581/A582
304S30400AMS 5639, ASTM A182/A193/A276/A314
304LS30403AMS 5647, QQS 763, ASTM A182/A276/A314/A473
304HS30409ASTM A182
304LNS30453ASTM A182/A193/A194/A276
305S30500ASTM A193/A276/A314/A473
308S30800ASTM A276/A314/A473
309S30900ASTM A276/A314/A473
309SS30908AMS 5650, ASTM A276/A314/A473
310S31000ASTM A182/A276/A314/A473
310SS31008AMS 5651, ASTM A276/A314/A473
310MoLNS31050ASTM A240/A479
314S31400AMS 5652, ASTM A276/A314/A473
316S31600AMS 5648, ASTM A182/A193/A276/A314/A473
316CbS31640ASTM A240/A276/A479
316HS31609ASTM A182
316LS31603AMS 5653, ASTM A182/A314/A473
316LNS31653ASTM A182/A193/A276
316NS31651ASTM A182/A193/A276
316TiS31635ASTM A240/A276/A479
317S31700ASTM A182/A276/A314/A473
317LS31703ASTM A182
2205/F51S31803ASTM A182/A276/A479
321S32100AMS 5645, ASTM A182/A193/A276/A314/A473
321HS32109ASTM A182
347S34700AMS 5646, ASTM A182/A193/A276/A314/A473
347HS34709ASTM A1829
348S34800ASTM A182/A276/A314
348HS34809ASTM A182
405S40500ASTM A276/A473
410S41000AMS 5613, ASTM A182/A193/A276/A314/A473
410SS41008ASTM A473
410Cb/XM30S41040AMS 5609, ASTM A276
414S41400ASTM A276/A314/A473
416S41600AMS 5610, ASTM A314/A473/A582
420S42000AMS 5621, ASTM A276/A314/A473
429S42900ASTM A182/A276/A314/A473
430S43000AMS 5627, ASTM A182/A276/A314/A473
431S43100AMS 5628, ASTM A276/A473, Mil S 18732
446S44600ASTM A276/A314/A473
501/F5S50100ASTM A182/A193/A314/A473
502S50200ASTM A314/A473
504/F9S50400ASTM A276
F91S50460ASTM A182/A234/A369
F6NMS41500ASTM A182
N60S21800ASTM A193/A194/A240/A276
N40/XM11S21904AMS 5656, ASTM A276
N50/XM19S20910ASTM A182/A193/A240
C450/XM25S45000AMS 5763, ASTM A564/A705
19-9 DLS63198AMS 5722 (obs)

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